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Deer Hunting USA was produced by Sammy USA Corporation in 2000.

Sammy USA Corporation released 10 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1994.

Other machines made by Sammy USA Corporation during the time period Deer Hunting USA was produced include Turkey Hunting USA, Extreme Hunting, Wing Shooting Championship, Trophy Hunting, Faster Than Speed, Lee's Stop 'N Win, Sports Arena, and Magic Mr. X.

When you begin your hunt in the wilderness, you will attempt to shoot and/or kill the male deer with your weapon. You will lose one of your remaining chances if the bucks get away, your weapon runs out of ammunition, or you shoot the female deer (does). If you run out of chances, the game is over, but continuous play is available.

Throughout the game, you will attempt to kill up to four male deer in four different areas within the selected wilderness for a total of up to 16 bucks. Each time you successfully kill a male deer, you are rated based on your scoring, timing and accuracy as well as the weight of the kill. You must try to shoot the bucks in the most vulnerable areas in order to wound and/or kill them instantly.

After you have hunted through all four areas of the wilderness, the season is over and then you are rated on how well you did throughout the game based on scoring, the number of kills, the total weight and the timing and accuracy of your shooting. Afterwards, the game ends, regardless of the results.

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